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,, The tree has a soul, it breathes, it changes color, it rots, but its touch radiates warmth, life! ’’

Bg Art Design, we believe that every tree has its own story. Every flaw, every knot or vein character, gives it its own beauty that makes each creation unique. Because of this, it will be different from the others, and because of this, no two are alike. This is how it becomes perfect! One of the best and most durable choices is without a doubt solid wood. If instead of mass production, your goal is to make quality and unique furniture, then you are in the right place! A quality solid wood furniture can serve even several generations without losing anything of its elegance, appearance and prestige. Lovers of minimal style and fans of the classic design world alike can find the perfect piece for them. Due to the use of real living wood, it gives our apartment a more homely, warmer atmosphere. It is also guaranteed that you will not encounter two pieces of furniture with the same grain and look, so each piece is unique and unrepeatable.